Reviewing Other Manager Contractors' Metrics


As a manager with direct contractors or watcher access for a specific team, you may require to review other manager contractors' metric values.

You will be able to access information from other managers with contractors reporting to them under any team that is visible to you using the selector available in the Crossover portal.



  • Manager role with direct contractors under the team or team watcher access.



  1. Select the Metrics app.
  2. Select a specific team room and you will find that automatically All Managers are selected (e.g. Eng Maintenance).
    • This will display on the right the list of all managers with contractors assigned under the team.
    • You may switch the view from "All Managers" to one specific manager and see that manager's contractors' metrics.

      CrossOver Managers

  3. Once you choose a specific manager, you will see the metrics for all the contractors reporting to this manager only:

    CrossOver Metrics


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