Using the Time Approval Application


Time Approval functionality is only available for managers who may need to use it to view and approve/reject the overtime and manual time requests submitted by their contractors.

There are specific time constraints depending on the contractor's payment platform in order to request and accept overtime or manual time requests. It's managers' responsibility to approve in a timely manner, if managers do not review their contractor's requests within time, they will be automatically rejected.



  • Manager role



As a manager, you need to understand which manual time/overtime requests will still be available for approval and which ones will be automatically rejected based on the contractor's payment platform and when they were submitted.

Please notice that before changing a contractor's manager, all pending manual time and overtime requests must be approved/rejected.


Payoneer contractors

  • Both manual time and overtime requests for the current week should be approved by the manager before Monday 00:00 UTC time of the next week. For example, if a contractor submits a manual time (or an overtime request) on Friday at 3p.m. UTC in the current week, the manager can approve it only before 00:00 UTC time on the second Monday.

Paychex contractors

  • If manual time added for the current week is not approved by the manager by 15:00 UTC the next Monday, it's automatically removed.  For example, if a contractor submits a manual time request on Friday at 15:00 UTC, the manager will have exactly 3 days to approve the request.
  • If overtime requests created for the current week are not approved by the manager, WorkSmart will stop counting time at the contractor's weekly hour limit (usually 40 hours).



  1. Log into the Crossover dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Time Approval application.

  3. Select the required tab: Manual time or Overtime.
    All requests for overtime and manual time are in Pending status when created.
    • Select the desired Manual time request and click Approve or Reject.

    • Select the desired Overtime request and click Approve or Reject.


  4. Your direct report will receive a notification informing them of your decision (either approval or rejection).



Follow steps 1-3 from the Solution section, once you access the entry it will be displayed as approved or rejected based on your previous selection.




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