Hiring a New Team Member


As a manager, you can hire new contractors to start working for you under one of your teams.

The hiring process involves all the steps required to onboard a new contractor to your team, starting with selecting a candidate from the Marketplace, sending an offer, and assigning the contractor to one of your teams. Remember that while the offer is still pending, you can revoke it to prevent the candidate to continue the onboarding.



  • Manager role.



The hiring process can be summarized in four simple steps:

  1. Browse the marketplace and set up the interview
  2. Send the offer
  3. Contact the contractor
  4. Complete the onboarding


Browse the marketplace and set up the interview

  1. Log in to your Crossover account and access Hire > Marketplace.


  2. Select the desired pipeline from the list.


  3. Select the desired candidate and click Interview.


  4. You will be able to propose interview times. During interviews, please add notes on the candidates you speak with.


Send the offer

  1. Click the Hire! Button and the offer will be sent.


  2. Once the offer is sent, the contractor will be notified via email and will have a similar view to the following:

  3. The candidate is then moved to your list of pending offers.
  4. While the offer is still pending, you can remove it. Click the Revoke button next to the candidate on the Hire > Candidates page


Contact the contractor

Before you can assign a contractor to a team room and finalize their onboarding, you will need to contact the contractor and request to complete all the following steps:

  1. Accept the offer
  2. Set up WorkSmart tracker
  3. Set up bank information
  4. Accept terms
  5. Complete background check 

You can view the candidate's progress anytime by accessing the Hire > Candidates page

Before the contractor accepts the offer, his profile in the candidates' page will look like this:


If the contractor has completed all steps, it will look like this:




Complete the onboarding

  1. Once the contractor accepts the offer, the manager can select his team room:

    You must add the contractor to a team in order for him to be able to start using WorkSmart. If he is not assigned to a team, he can't start tracking time.

  2. Once the team is selected, the contractor will be visible in the team room summary:


  3. Once all the above steps are complete, the manager will receive an email from Crossover confirming that the contract setup is complete:email.png
  4. The contractor's assignment features may require to be enabled or disabled, like webcam, screenshots, etc. You will need to access the Teams app and review the values in the Settings tab.

    • Turning on Webcam will take webcam photos every 10 minutes.
    • Turning off Webcam will disable webcam photos; however, it will automatically increase the number of Screenshots taken to 5x per 10-minutes timecard.
    • Turning on Screenshots will capture the active screen of the contractor a set number of times every 10 minutes. You can set this frequency to 1x, 2x, 5x, or 10x per 10 minutes.
    • Turning on Applications will capture the name of the application or website the contractor is using.
    • Turning on Review will enable the Productivity team to review the contractor’s activity and dispute timecards.




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