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All active contractors in Crossover share the same Dashboard that provides them information about their own work, in this article you will learn to identify and understand the purpose of all the components of the contractor's dashboard.



The Contractor Dashboard is the primary go-to place for all partners to view comprehensive information about their logged hours and activities while working with Crossover. The image below shows a sample of the Summary screen of the Dashboard:

The Contractor Dashboard can be navigated using the tabs located below the contractor's profile image, each one provides a different view related to the contractor's work:



For each one of the views, we will provide more information about the information that they provide to the contractor:



The Summary view provides summary information about the contractor's assignment and the total amount of time logged:


Weekly Time Logged History

This area shows the partner's total logged hours for the current and past three weeks.

Assignment Information

This area shows information related to your current assignment and the policies setup:


  • Job Title
  • Start date: this is the start date under the current Team and Manager
  • Team
  • Manager
  • Salary (click on Show to display the value)
  • Location
  • Current date/time (bases on contractor's timezone)
  • Assignment Policies:
    • Webcam Photos - how often the webcam photos are captured using WorkSmart.
    • Screenshots - how often the screenshots of your desktop are captured using WorkSmart.
    • Activity Reporting - if application and website names are being logged by WorkSmart.
    • Crossover Productivity Team Review - if the Crossover Productivity team should review your activities and dispute timecards if necessary.

Daily Summary

This area shows the total weekly hours and hours logged per day. The week reported here can be changed by clicking on the week selection dropdown. These hours are based on the partner's local time zone and not UTC. Please note that payment hours for the week are calculated based on hours logged in UTC. For more information, see the Payment Schedule Reference article.

Summary of Your Activities for the Week

This area shows how much time you spent using various applications during the selected week. The week reported here can be changed by clicking on the week selection dropdown.

Week Selection Dropdown

Use this option to review your logged hours and activities summary for any of the previous weeks.


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The Activity section in the Dashboard provides a daily or weekly summary of the application usage based on the manager's plan and the activities categories. It also includes scores (intensity, focus and alignment) relevant to the contractor's activity:

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The Logbook section is where contractors can review their timecards, mark them as not idle and delete them. Also, it's possible to add manual time for the selected day and request overtime for the week:


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The Metric view provides a summary of the latest metrics values for the contractor. It's possible to filter between the latest contractor's teams and managers, also to display the results in a table or graphic line, including the average values of other contractors working in the same team during that period. 

This section will display only values if the metrics were configured for any of the contractor's teams.


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