WorkSmart System Requirements


The WorkSmart application requires specific minimum settings related to hardware and operating system in order to install the tool successfully, work, and track time as expected.

Before troubleshooting any problems with WorkSmart on your computer or report issues to Crossover Support, ensure that your system has met all the requirements listed in this article.

WorkSmart supports screenshots capture for multiple monitors and it's also possible to use it in different computers.

Windows 10 and macOS are the only operating systems supported, you can't use WorkSmart with iOS devices (iPhones, iPad), Android, or Linux OS.





Confirm that you adhere to minimum hardware and operating system requirements, you won't be able to install WorkSmart and track time if you don't.

WorkSmart supports screenshots capture for multiple monitors, it's possible to switch to a single screen without issues too.

Also, it's possible to install WorkSmart on different computers and work from them from time to time. Be aware that attempting to track time simultaneously on different computers will result in merged events from both machines, but webcam and screenshots will be taken from the machine with the most active events.


Hardware requirements

Hard drive At least 6GB of free disk space
RAM At least 4GB
CPU At least 1GHz CPU


Operating system requirements 

Only 64-bit versions supported Windows 10 and higher

macOS 12 (Monterey) and higher

(including Ventura and Sonoma)



  • It is strongly advised always to use the most up-to-date Operating System release, not keeping your Operating System up-to-date can result in serious issues, affecting both your device and your security.
  • WorkSmart does not support any experimental, unsupported, or beta releases of Operating Systems. Only the latest and stable OS versions will be supported.


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