Getting Idle Timecards When Using Virtual Machines

To capture mouse and keyboard interactions while users are working on virtualization applications such as VMware, Remote Desktop, or vSphere, users must also install and run WorkSmart on the virtual machine. Failure to do so creates idle time cards on the logbook that WorkSmart does not count as worked time.





If your work requires the use of virtual machines, install WorkSmart on the virtual machine as well.

  • WorkSmart will log events on both your desktop and the virtual application. Please refer to our article on Downloading and Installing WorkSmart for further assistance.
  • WorkSmart will consolidate the timecards from both machines, and it will only count your most active events towards the timecard on your logbook.

If you are unable to install WorkSmart on the virtual machine due to OS compatibility issues,

  • Discuss this scenario with your manager so that they are made aware of it.
  • Review your idle timecards daily — or weekly — to mark them as Not Idle and enter a description of your work during that time.


Warning: Please note that you should not run more than one instance of WorkSmart on the same desktop to avoid potential application crashes.


If you are still experiencing issues with idle timecards outside the usage of virtualization applications, please log a support request with us to further investigate the matter.


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