Checking Your Earnings and Payment Status


Earnings page in Crossover shows information about previous payments, current payment status and weekly logged time. It also includes the option to download income statement and payment reports.

For each week you will find all details about tracked time under the Earnings section, including a summary of manual/disputed timecards and overtime requests. The net payment it's automatically calculated and it will be the amount received in your payment platform account.



  • Contractor with an active assignment.
  • Contractor receiving payments through Crossover with Paychex or Payoneer payment platform.



  1. Access the Earnings section from your profile menu in Crossover.


  2.  The Earnings page shows your earnings for previous pay periods in a table format.

    Note: Earnings data does not include One-time Payments.

    If you never received a regular payment (generated automatically from Crossover), you will receive the message "No earnings found":

  3. Each row on the Earnings table displays the following data:

    • Team name
    • Payment platform (Payoneer or Paychex)
    • Logged hours
    • Manual time added during the week
    • Total time in dispute
    • Overtime hours worked
    • Requested overtime hours
    • Approved overtime hours
    • Payment hours
    • Weekly hour limit
    • Net payment
    • Payment status:
      • Current: The earnings are for the current week.
      • Pending: Validation of the timecards is in progress.
      • Processing: Processing of payment is underway.
      • Processed: Payment processing is complete, including payment funding.
      • Other: There might be an issue that does not allow payment process completion (e.g., you still need to activate your Payoneer account).
    • Payment week start date
  4. You can change the displayed period using the from and to date-selectors at the top of the page. The page refreshes immediately and displays the data for the selected period.
  5. By using the buttons at the top right of the page, you can:

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