Requesting One-time Payment


One-time payments are specific deposits made outside of the common salary payments schedule and need to be requested using the Crossover Support portal.

Managers can request one-time payments for bonuses, commissions, incentives etc. Also, expense requests and manual payments for past weeks for non-ESW companies will require a new request created for a one-time payment. 


  • Confirm that your request is going to be related to:
    • Bonus
    • Commission
    • Incentives
    • Expense/manual payments for past weeks (for non-ESW companies)


Discuss the request with your manager. Your manager can make a one-time payment request by starting a chat with our ATLAS AI Support Agent and asking to make a one-time payment, as seen in the below screenshot. Severance for the partners from the companies external to ESW should also be submitted as a one-time payment. 

Click on the "Manual Payment Request" link to access a Google form. Fill in all the necessary information in the required fields and choose the appropriate budget owner. Human Resources cannot be chosen as a budget owner for any payment.

All one-time payments must be requested and approved the week prior to the pay date. Any request made between Monday-Sunday (UTC) will be added to the next week's Wednesday pay date for Payoneer and Friday pay date for Paychex. The payment will be added only after the budget owner approves it. 


  1. Earnings data does not include One-time Payments.
  2. Payments to multiple independent contractors or employees should be added individually in the Google form.

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