Adding Manual Time


Manual time is a feature available in Crossover's logbook that allows contractors to request timecards to be added for work activities that cannot be tracked, like physical meetings and training that takes place away from your computer. Remember you should have your tracker on for all activity while at your computer, except if specifically directed otherwise.

If a contractor is unable to track time due to Crossover services unavailable or because of performing any other offline work activities, he will need to add manual time and once it's approved it will be counted for his weekly payment. If the deadline for the current workweek is missed, the contractor will need to discuss it with his manager.



  1. Log in to Crossover.
  2. Go to My Dashboard > Logbook.
  3. Using the calendar, select the desired date from the current week, and click Add Manual Time:
    current week

Ensure your selected date does not lie in the past week, otherwise, Add Manual Time button will be disabled:
past week

Manual time cannot be added for previous weeks. Be sure to submit manual time before the end of the current workweek (before Monday UTC-0 of next week) to make sure you get paid for your work.

  1. Select the time range for which you want to add manual time (e.g., 7:00 am to 7:30 am) and include the following details in the Memo text box:
    • Reason for entering manual time.
    • Task(s) completed during that time.
    • Complete name of the authorizing manager.

    add manual time
  2. Click Save to apply changes.


Once Manual Time has been added, you should see the timecards in the Logbook spanning the time you entered. Each timecard covers 10 minutes and includes the description you entered:

logbook timecards

Manual time cards will be counted in total logged hours and included in the Earnings section only after they are approved by your manager, no approval notifications are sent to the contractor once the manager approves the request. They will be automatically rejected if they are not approved by your manager.

If a contractor has a manual time request not yet approved by the current manager and a manager change occurs, the manual time request will be present in the new manager's Time Approval app pending approval. However, a new email notification will not be sent to the new manager since the notification is only sent at the time of the original request.

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