Payment Schedule Reference


As an active contractor working through Crossover, you will receive a weekly payment that is calculated based on your salary rate and salary unit. The payment schedule also depends on the payment platform used to receive your payments, which is indicated in your active assignment.

Payments are received during the second week after the current workweek is finished, Payoneer contractors receive their payments on Wednesdays, and Paychex employees receive their payments on Fridays.



  • Contractor/Employee with an active assignment.
  • Contractor/Employee receiving payments through Crossover with Paychex or Payoneer payment platform.



Follow the Checking Your Earnings and Payment Status article to confirm your payment platform, which may be Payoneer or Paychex.

The Crossover work week starts at 00:00 UTC-0 on Mondays and concludes at 23:59 UTC-0 on Sundays. The weekly timeline for billing and payment will occur as follows:

  • Week 1: The time is tracked using WorkSmart between Monday and Sunday.

  • Week 2: The logged time is billed to the client on Monday and is simultaneously reviewed by the Risk Management Team throughout the week. They will be raising any issues to the manager of the contractor/employee for review.

  • Week 3:

    • Payoneer: The net payments will become available throughout Wednesday (UTC).
    • Paychex: The net payments will become available throughout Friday (UTC).


Please notice that both hourly rated and fixed weekly salaries are paid using the same pay schedule, even if they are not using WorkSmart to track time.

Funding from Crossover to your payment platform account is a very short process that is accomplished by the same day. For Payoneer contractors, the actual time to transfer the funds to your pre-paid card or your local bank account varies by country and banking entity and could take up to several business days. Please contact Payoneer Support for more information on the funds transfer from your Payoneer account to your payment solution.

Your payment will arrive at your payment platform on the informed days, as per our current policy we cannot delay the payments in any way. If your payment has not arrived at your payment platform account two business days after the informed days, please contact Crossover Support.



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