Leave Of Absence Policy - Contractors & W2


Time off should be coordinated with your manager, whether you are paid by the hour or paid a fixed salary. To request time off, partners should notify their direct manager by email at least 10 working days before the start of the time off. See specifics below for Contractor and W2 Time Off Policy.


Time off for Contractors (Payoneer)

For Crossover's independent contractors there is no specific policy regarding time off. However, time off can typically be arranged with advance notice to your direct manager.

Please reach out to your direct manager to coordinate and approve any time off. It is the responsibility of the manager to manage and keep track of any partner time off.


Time off for W2 Partners (Paychex)

W2 Partners who are paid via Paychex (hourly and salary fixed rate) must obtain their manager's approval to take time off, for both paid and unpaid time off. See policy below, and for full policy please reference the Crossover W2 Handbook (page 19).

Unpaid (W2 hourly only):

Please contact your manager to approve any and take any unpaid time off. Do not clock any hours in WorkSmart during your unpaid time off.

PTO & Holiday Time (W2 Hourly and Salary):

Per Crossover handbook: 


Crossover utilizes an open PTO program in accordance with our belief that employees know best when and how to work and take time off. This means that Crossover does not utilize a PTO accrual bank. Instead, time off is taken as needed, with the approval of employee’s manager.

Unless unavoidable, time off should be requested at least two weeks in advance via e-mail to the employee’s manager. This time off can be used as employees wish including vacation, sick leave, civic duties, etc. There is no accrual, no yearly roll over and no payout if the employee leaves employment with Crossover.


Crossover currently observes five (5) holidays per year as follows:

  • New Years Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

Salaried Employees receive one (1) paid day off for each full day of holiday time. Hourly employee do not receive any Holiday pay for these holidays. Please see PTO policy.

Requesting Time 

If fixed rate salary, Employee must approve the PTO first through their manager.

If hourly, Employee must first ask Manager about the approval to take PTO, and then PTO time must be submitted as Manual Time in Worksmart. Manager should then send an email to HumanResources@Crossover.com so HR is able to note PTO time on the Paychex payroll system.







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