Can I Apply to Multiple Job Positions?


Candidates can have multiple active applications in the Crossover Jobs portal for different job positions. If you want to apply for a different job position, you will need to browse to the desired job using the Crossover Jobs portal and start with the new job application.

Once you have multiple applications active, you will be able to switch between them and complete the hiring process.





Once you have an active application, it's possible to apply to a different job position. If you access the Crossover Jobs portal you will be able to start another job application and you will also need to complete the profile information, as explained in the Applying to Work with Crossover article.

If you have multiple applications open, you can switch between them using the selector in the Crossover Jobs portal and access them under the Other applications tag: 


Please notice that any attempt to apply using a different email address is a violation of Crossover terms and conditions and will lead to permanent blacklisting.


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