Refreshing Team Metrics


Once Team Metrics are configured by the team room owner, the metric values are pulled automatically from the source systems using defined time intervals. Also, managers can manually refresh metrics values for the current week or past weeks.

Metrics values are calculated on a weekly basis, once the week is finished the values won't be updated automatically if there are any changes in the metrics sources, they will need to be refreshed manually.



  • Manager role with direct contractors or watcher access to the Team.



The Metric values are updated automatically using the source systems with the following frequency:

Therefore, if you see any mismatch, you may wait for some hours to verify if it is updated. After the specified time gap, if you still notice the mismatch, then the Metrics should require a manual refresh done by the manager. 

Please note that a manager will only be able to see the team metrics of contractors under them only from the date the IC was moved under the current manager.



As a manager, you have two different options to refresh metrics: 

  1. Latest week refresh
  2. One specific week refresh

Latest week refresh

When reviewing a team metric in the Metrics application, the manager can update latest week metrics by clicking on the Refresh button.

If the previous week is finished and metrics have already successfully updated, clicking the Refresh button will only update the metric for the current week. However, if there are still pending metrics for the previous week, then clicking the Refresh button will update both the current and previous week.


One specific week refresh

Now it's possible to refresh metrics for any specific week (current or past weeks) by using the Refresh button that it's located at the top of each week summary.

For example, if you want to refresh metrics for the week starting December 24, you need to click on the refresh button below Dec 24-Dec 30.

Once you use the refresh option, you will need to wait 10 minutes before attempting any other metric's refresh.



You will receive a progress bar with the message "Importing data ... It might take few minutes.":

Once it reaches 100%, you will be able to review the metrics values and confirm that the latest update date and time is refreshed:


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