Update WorkSmart Webcam Photo Capturing


As a Team Room Owner, you can enable or disable webcam photo capturing by WorkSmart for any contractor working under the team. This change is not applied retroactively to organizations that do not have the webcam turned on and does not affect any policies that are currently in place regarding webcam usage within your organization.

As a Manager, if you need to have the webcam enabled or disabled, you will need to contact the Team Room owner.



  • Team Room Owner with active contractors under the team.



  1. Choose Manage > Teams from your profile menu.


  2. Open the Team Settings app.


  3. Scroll down to the Security section, where you can set individual parameters for each contractor:


  4. You can enable or disable the Webcam photo capturing by using the toggle button:


    Please note that whenever the webcam is disabled from the Settings page for an individual or the team as a whole, the setting for the frequency of screenshots taken will automatically switch to 5x per 10-minutes timecard.
    The purpose of this change is to improve Risk Management’s ability to fight fraud in cases where the webcam is disabled, you can set a different screenshot frequency if needed.

  5. Once changed, the values are automatically saved.



Follow steps 1-3 from the Solution section and confirm that the Webcam setting is updated.


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