How Cost Per Unit is calculated

Cost Per Unit Overview

You can view data and graphs for CPU (cost per unit) in the Metrics app on the Crossover portal. CPU equals a contractor's pay during a set time period divided by the units they produce during that time, according to the metric you have set up. Please see the Understanding Average CPU section if you see unexpected values for CPU.


In the example below, the contractor has a cost per unit of $3.53 per task completed over the week of March 5 to March 11.


You can hover over the number 3.53 to see the source data for this CPU figure: $1,200 in cost and 340 units.


Understanding Average CPU

Please note that the average CPU over a longer time period will not necessarily equal the average of the weekly averages shown. In this example, the average of the four weekly averages is 4.11, but the four-week average is 3.67. The four-week average is the contractor's total pay during those four weeks divided by their total tasks completed:


This is a different quantity than the average of their weekly pay per task:


These quantities happen to be equal when U (the number of units produced) is the same across all 4 weeks, but you should not expect that to be the case.



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