Configuring Metrics with JIRA as Source


Metrics can be stored and imported from various sources, one of the metric sources available for updating the values is JIRA.

Team Room Owners can set up the JIRA integration for retrieving metric values for their team members from JIRA, those will be automatically updated in Crossover and used for reviewing team members' performance.



  • Team Room owner with a Team room created.



  1. Log in to the Crossover portal and go to Manage > Teams.

  2. Open the Metrics app.


  3. If you are changing your existing metrics source, click the Settings button:

    If you are setting your metrics for the first time, click the Open Metrics Settings button:

  4. Click on Jira to select it as the metric source:

  5. Fill in the information in relevant sections as described below:
    1. Fill in the Base URL, which is the URL used to access the JIRA instance.
    2. Enter your Username or a service account username with the required permissions to access your JIRA project. Please be aware that this account's JIRA profile timezone will be used while retrieving the information.
    3. Enter the Password used by the account to log into JIRA.


  6. If you need to retrieve metric values for multiple JIRA instances, click on Add Server to create a new tab which will be called Server 2 (you can add up to 5 different Servers). Fill all the information as explained in the previous step.

  7. Click on Check Server(s) to confirm that the communication can be established successfully and continue with the configuration.

  8. The Check Server(s) button will show a checkmark and a new form will be displayed, in which you need to fill all the information required to retrieve the data from JIRA:
    1. Complete the Metric Name field.
    2. You need to define the metric as the number of issues that will be retrieved by the query or using the sum of a custom field defined in your project.
    3. Enter a number to be used as the weekly Metric Target for each contractor.
    4. You will need to define how you will retrieve the metric value from JIRA, you can use:
      1. Tickets Resolved: you will only need to complete your JIRA project name. Please notice that it's possible to add multiple projects, you will need to click on Add Project to be able to add them.
      2. Custom Query: you will be able to filter using the JIRA query language, following the format defined.
      3. Advanced Query: you will need to define the complete JIRA query language, only 3 fields are required.
    5. For each contractor that belongs to the team, you will need to define one of the JIRA Servers previously defined (Server 1, Server 2, etc) and the JIRA username under the User JIRA ID section.


  9. Click on Save.



Once your metrics configuration is saved, it will take some time to load the data from JIRA and the numbers will be listed for each contractor:



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