Changing a Contractor's Team Room


As a contractor's direct manager, you can change the contractor's team room to have him assigned to another team room or to a new one.

Only the contractor's direct manager can change the contractor's team room, if you are not the direct manager, you will need to request him to move the contractor to other team room. If it's not possible, please contact Crossover Support indicating the new team room that the contractor will be assigned to and the current manager's approval.



  • Must be a manager and the contractor must be his direct report



  1. Log in to Crossover and go to Manage > Teams.


  2. Open the Teams app.


  3. To move one of your contractors, drag and drop them to the desired team:


    • Adding a Contractor to a New Team: If you would like them to be part of a new team, drag them to the box "Drag contractor here to create/change team", and then enter a name for your new team and select a manager.


      If you are moving your direct report to a new team room and wish to keep them under your management, search for the Me (<Your_Name>) option; your name will not be listed in alphabetical order.


    • Adding a Contractor to an Existing Team: From the left pane, drag and drop the contractor to the desired team.


    • The Desired Team Is Not Listed: If you cannot find the desired team in the Teams app:
      1. Drag the contractor to the box "Drag contractor here to create/change team".
      2. Click Advanced
      3. Select the An Existing Team option.
      4. Select a team and manager from the corresponding drop-down lists.




  1. Open the Teams app.


  2. Confirm that the contractor is now listed under the new team:



Please notice that once you moved a contractor to a different team room, it may take up to 2 hours to have this change reflected in the Manager Dashboard summary because of internal cache. Although the contractor won't be included in this team summary, you can always confirm that the change was performed immediately by using the Teams application.

Also, the contractor will receive an email with the following message:

Hi Contractor,

You have been assigned to a new team!

Your new team is <Team Room Name>, and your manager is <Manager's Name>. You can contact your manager at <Manager's email>.

Crossover Team


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