Activity Dashboard


The Activity Dashboard shows vital information about the different types of activities categorized by the WorkSmart tool and how they compare to the manager's plan. In this article, you will learn how to browse and which information is provided in the Activity section.



While tracking time using the WorkSmart tool, the application used in the contractor's computer is identified each minute and this information is stored in the Crossover database. In the case of browser usage, information about the URL visited is stored too.
Applications are being categorized by default but also managers can set their own categories, in order to help contractors identify in which activities they are spending time.
The figure below identifies the different areas of the Activity Dashboard and describes each section:



Here you will find a detailed description of each section available in the Activity section:


Percentage vs Time

The time selection will show the time range for each activity that was performed. The manager's plan will show the approximate time that the activity should have been performed as defined by the manager and the Activity area shows the actual time it was performed at.

The percentage view summarizes all of the activities relative to the total hours logged during the week and shows it as a percentage.


Manager's time vs Contractor's time

This button switches the Activity area to show the time based on the Contractor's time zone or their Manager's time zone.


Daily vs Weekly

The Daily view shows activities for the selected date, while the Weekly view will show the activities for the entire week. Note that the Weekly view does not support showing the activities broken down by time.

Date/Week selector

Used for selecting the date or the week desired for reporting:

Manager's daily/weekly plan

This area shows the activities and the approximate time they should be carried out as defined by the manager. It provides an indication to the contractor of how much time should be allocated to a specific activity during the day and at what time it should be performed (if applicable).


These are the actual activities (based on WorkSmart tracking) performed by the contractor. The colors and layout of the activities should match to those the manager has defined above, as close as possible. The closer it matches, the higher the alignment score will be.



Three indicators of productivity and alignment to the manager's plan:

  • Focus: how focused is the contractor while working, related to applications usage categorized for the same activity, you will find more details in the Focus Score article.
  • Intensity: an indicator of the amount of keyboard and mouse usage, more details available in the Intensity Score article.
  • Alignment: this score measures how aligned the individual is to the manager's plan, by comparing the minutes spent on each activity with the target schedule planned by the manager. This comparison generates an alignment rating from 0 to 100%.




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