Welcome Alan, our virtual housekeeper

Alan is our very own in-house virtual housekeeper. He is going to welcome you on the Crossover Support portal.

Here is the list of tasks he can help you with:

Frequently Asked Questions

He fetches a list of FAQs, just in case there is something in there that you are looking for.



Generic Questions

You can ask him some generic questions like:

  • Could you let me know if you have unpublished openings?
  • How can I cancel my application?
  • 2.png


Top Articles

He gets you the list of most looked up articles from our help center.



Knowledge Base Lookup

You can ask him to search the knowledge base for relevant articles. Just tell him:
  • Lookup knowledge base
  • I want to search the knowledge base


Application Status

He can fetch the latest status of your job applications. First, sign up and log into the support portal using the email with which you applied for the job(s), and then ask Alan:
  • What is the status of my job application?


Contractor Information Lookup

If you have the permission, Alan can lookup contractor information for you. All you have to do is ask:
  • I need contractor information for abc@crossover.com
  • I need details for abc@crossover.com
NOTE: If you need permission for looking up contractor information or extended features for looking for contractor information, please send an email to centralsupport-ai@versata.com with your request.


Chatting me up

He can make small talk with you.


Create Support Tickets

Alan can help you create support tickets.



Ticket Status

He can get the latest updates on your tickets.



Escalate a Ticket

You can request Alan to escalate a ticket for you by telling him:

  • Escalate an issue
  • Escalate ticket 123456 (your ticket ID)




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