Accessing Lumity through Paychex

Please note that Lumity has now been integrated into Paychex. The access to Lumity will be exclusively through Paychex Flex. This means that direct access to Lumity is no longer available.

Once you've logged into Paychex with your credentials, look for the “My Benefits” tab on the left side, as shown in the screenshot below.

When you click on "My Benefits," you'll be redirected to your Lumity profile without having to input any credentials.

Your Lumity screen will appear as shown in the following screenshot.

Please be aware that all your personal information in Lumity is directly sourced from Paychex, so you will not have the option to alter any personal details in Lumity. Within Lumity, new employees have the opportunity to enroll in benefits, add dependents, enroll dependents in benefits, choose plans, and complete the enrollment process.

Existing employees can upload qualifying events, update dependent information, and choose plans during open enrollment. Those enrolled in an FSA or HSA plans can modify their contributions, and those interested in joining an FSA or HSA plan can also sign up.



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