Everything You Need to Know About Agreements in Crossover

This article covers the agreements used at Crossover and explains the purpose of each one.

Independent Contractor Services Agreement (ICSA)

The Independent Contractor Services Agreement (ICSA) outlines the terms and conditions under which a contractor or W2 employee will provide specific professional services to Crossover’s customers.

All contractors and W2 employees must sign the ICSA when they are hired. The ICSA is signed online and no copy will be provided. As long as you have an active assignment with Crossover, you can access the ICSA terms and conditions here.

Service Provider Agreement (SPA)

The Service Provider Agreement (SPA) clarifies the processes for receiving and being paid for assignments and outlines the responsibilities of both you and Crossover. It is signed by the Crossover representative and the Independent Contractor (IC). The agreement is different for the ICs based in the UAE and US compared to the one for the ICs from the rest of the world.

The SPA must be signed by everyone who works with Crossover as an independent contractor or through a business entity. The W2 employees are not required to sign the Service Provider Agreement and not by contractors who work for non-ESW companies. Eg. Upland.

However, if a signed agreement is required due to any legal requirements, you can request one through the Crossover Support Portal.

The SPA is sent to you through AdobeSign and it will have your name and address details. If you work with Crossover through a business entity, the entity and address details will be included. It is sent out after you complete all the hiring formalities and PCCAT, if it is required for your role.

After you sign the SPA, you will receive a copy via email. The email address in your Crossover profile will be used to send the SPA for your signature, and the signed copy will also be sent to the same address.

Please note that the SPA will not include any compensation details. If you need information about compensation and assignments, you should request a Verification letter.

Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA)

The PIA addresses recent changes in the law that limit the scope of non-compete clauses. The PIA must be signed by all W2 employees. 

The agreement is sent via AdobeSign to the email address in your Crossover profile. After you sign it, the signed copy will be sent to the same email address.

There is another PIA used for Crossover's internal purposes which is unrelated to the one signed by W2 employees.

Separation Agreement (SA)

The Separation Agreement is signed only by contractors or W2 employees who are entitled to severance payment upon the termination of their assignment or employment. Note that the separation agreement applies solely to contractors and employees who work for the ESW companies.

The SA is sent out only after the budget owner approves the severance payout. The independent contractor or employee must sign the SA to receive the severance payment. Once the separation agreement is signed, the severance payment will be processed.

Note that the agreement is sent via AdobeSign to the email address in your Crossover profile. After you sign it, the signed copy will be sent to the same email address.

Important point to note, severance payment has nothing to do with your regular weekly payment. The Separation Agreement covers only the clauses related to separation and the severance payment amount as part of it.

The severance payment is completely separate from your regular weekly payments. The Separation Agreement specifically addresses matters related to separation, including the amount of the severance payment.



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