Overtime request shows against the wrong week


You have submitted an overtime request for a specific week and it was approved by your manager, but the dashboard shows that the overtime applies to a different week.



This issue occurs when the overtime request is made for the wrong period. When making an overtime request, the request will always be made for the week you are currently viewing in the logbook

e.g in the above screenshot, if you click "Request Overtime", the request will be for the week containing Dec 15th as that is currently being viewed.


You can also see the week start date on the overtime request to allow you to confirm you have selected the correct week:


If the overtime request period for the required week is still open, you can submit a new request for the correct week. Once the overtime request period has closed, it is not possible to submit a request and the Crossover Support Team can not override this. In this case, you should reach out to your manager directly to discuss.





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