Say Goodbye to Waiting for Support! Meet Crossover ATLAS, our All-in-one AI Support Agent.

Having the possibility of an AI chat specialized in Crossover to answer your questions and solve your issues can significantly reduce the time for you to get help.

Even in cases where ATLAS cannot solve your issue, explaining the issue to ATLAS will allow it to do an initial triage and collect the relevant information before transferring you to an agent from the best Crossover team to handle your request. This avoids your request ending up in the wrong queue and will speed up resolution time.


How Do I Access ATLAS?

Getting started is as simple as signing in. The tool is integrated into our Help Center, just find this bubble at the bottom-right corner of our Help Center.


What Can It Do?

You might wonder, "Can it handle my specific issue?"

Here are a few examples of what the AI tool can do for you:

  • Generate Verification Letters
  • Handle issues related to Crossover payments
  • Handle one-time payment requests
  • Perform assignment changes
  • Complete offboarding requests
  • Answer questions about WorkSmart
  • Answer questions about the Crossover application process
  • Route any request to the most relevant team
  • and more...


ATLAS Best Practices

To maximize the probability of having a productive interaction with ATLAS we recommend you follow  some basic "best practices":


1. Log in to the help center with your partner email address

If you are a Crossover partner, ensure you are logged into the help center with the same email address that's set in the Crossover Portal. This allows ATLAS to access your assignment details which allows it to solve more issues as well as verify whether you are able to approve change requests.

You can change your Crossover partner email if needed from the Crossover Portal.


2. Describe the issue in detail from the beginning.

Similar to what you would do when raising a ticket.

  ✅ "I recently upgraded macOS version and now WorkSmart is taking webcamshots using both of my cameras"

  ❌ "worksmart issue"


3. If ATLAS doesn't understand your question, rephrase it.

Don't repeat the exact same phrase again

  "How can I get a document with details of my assignment?"

ATLAS: "Can you please provide more details or ask differently?"  

  ✅ "I need a letter confirming my assignment"

  ❌ "How can I get a document with details of my assignment?"


4. If you are offered buttons, use them.

If there is a button that aligns with the response to you want to give, we'd always recommend using them as this way there is no ambiguity as to what you mean.

ATLAS: "Which payment are you referring to (January 1st - $200) (January 7th - $500)"  

  ✅  <<Press the (January 1st - $200) button>> 

  ❌ "The first one"


5. Don't ask for an agent without letting ATLAS try to solve your issue.

ATLAS is trained in some complex common scenarios and can check things in the backend and perform changes. You would be surprised! Even if ATLAS can't solve your request, it will ensure you are routed to the relevant team reducing your wait time.

We are continually monitoring cases that ATLAS doesn't resolve and implementing new features so you might find ATLAS can solve something it couldn't when you tried before.

ATLAS: "How can I help?"  

  ✅  "I need watcher access to the Crossover.ATLAS team room."

  ❌  "I need an agent"


6. Don't panic!

We know that ATLAS is not perfect and we are 100% dedicated to improving it. If ATLAS is unable to help you, and you confirm with the buttons that the solutions provided didn't help. It will offer to transfer you to an agent.

If you've already tried explaining the issue more than once, without success you can also ask to speak to an agent.





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