MacOS Permissions for new WorkSmart update


The new update to the macOS WorkSmart versions includes a change which renames the application from "Crossover" to "WorkSmart" to match the other tracker versions. Due to this change, the operating system sees the tracker as a different application meaning any permissions previously granted don't persist.


The required permissions and steps to grant these again are noted below.



The macOS tracker requires the following permissions to operate correctly:

  • Camera (if webcamshots are enabled for your assignment)
  • Accessibility
  • Screen Recording (if screenshots are enabled for your assignment)
  • Automation > System Events

You won't be able to grant the permissions until the application has requested access at least once - this will happen when you first run WorkSmart after the update.

The permissions need to be granted to "WorkSmart". Note that the updated tracker will not have access to any permissions granted to "Crossover".


Steps to perform the update and grant permissions

  1. Launch WorkSmart and follow the prompts to upgrade to the latest version
  2. When WorkSmart re-launches, you may see a message similar to the following:

    If so, you can resolve this by:
    • Going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General
    • Click "Open Anyway" beside the message saying that WorkSmart was blocked
    • The pop-up may re-appear but this time there will be an "Open" button you can click. This won't be required for any future launches of WorkSmart
  3. Log in to WorkSmart as normal and start tracking time
  4. You will receive the following prompts almost immediately after starting the tracker
    • Accessibility
      • Click "Open System Preferences" then check the box next to "WorkSmart". You may need to press the padlock icon in the bottom left of the window and enter your password before being able to make changes
    • System Events
      • Press "OK" to enable the System Events permission
    • Notifications
      • Press "Allow" to allow WorkSmart to display notifications (for things like not being able to take a webcamshot, reaching the weekly limit for Paychex partners etc)
  5. You should receive the following prompts within the first 10 minutes after starting the tracker when WorkSmart attempts to perform each action (if relevant for your assignment):
    • Screen Recording (for Screenshots)

      • Click "Open System Preferences" then check the box next to "WorkSmart". You may need to press the padlock icon in the bottom left of the window and enter your password before being able to make changes
      • WorkSmart will need to be restarted for the change to take effect. Click Quit and then re-launch WorkSmart
    • Webcam

      • Press "OK" to enable the Camera permission
  6. You may receive some additional prompts for permissions depending on your machine, browser and WorkSmart settings. For example access to web browser events, access to Finder or disk access.

    Either press "OK" or "Open System Preferences" and manually check the box depending on the particular prompt

If you experience any issues after upgrading that aren't resolved by granted the mentioned permissions or restarting WorkSmart, please raise a ticket and the Crossover Support Team will be happy to assist you.



Go to Apple > System Preferences > Security > Privacy > Privay and confirm "WorkSmart" is checked under at least the following permissions:

  • Camera (if applicable)
  • Accessibility
  • Screen Recording (if applicable)
  • Automation > System Events


Open the Crossover Portal and confirm your timecards are showing correctly. Note that the first timecard after you updated may be missing the screenshot and/or webcamshot, but the following timecards should display correctly



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